Friday, September 11, 2009

Ralph Lauren at Premium Outlets

Looking for a quick buy that will go with everything you already have?  Head to the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet (also on in the Prime outlet mall near Universal) for tops, from bright colored logo t-shirts to collared polos to long-sleeved wovens in the latest styles.   If you look good in vivid- colored jersey knits or you like light-colored wovens, like those found on button-down shirts, you will love this place.  Plus lots of jeans, khaki pants and skirts.

The outlet is divided into mens, women's and children's areas.  There are accessories and lots of sale racks. 

You can get a coupon for $20 off $200 purchase at the customer service desk in the food court.  It is found in a coupon book (really a brochure, not a book) that sells for $5.  Tell them you signed up on the mall's website; and they will give it to you for free.

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Anonymous said...

A teen employee (18yr old male) at a competing outlet says, "Polo has some really good-looking stuff!"

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