Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cafe Kalik at Prime Outlet Center

Island- themed restaurant has great Sushi rolls.  Conch chowder was only OK, not flavorful enough.

Lots of variety on the menu, including Bahamian, Jamaican and generic "island" options.  I'll be back to try the seafood, since the sushi was so good.

Also lots of island drink options, the best thing on a hot day (every day in Orlando, right?), includes about a dozen island beers, a long list of "rhums" and a menu of mojitos, margaritas and rum punch-type things.

Btw the "Bread" basket is unique in a good way- sweet little muffins (yum), long plantain-like chips and regular chips, plus salsa, butter and honey butter.  Kids will love it.


Anonymous said...

Keep the kid friendly suggestions coming!!

Anonymous said...

The sushi was very good and totally unexpected.
Decor was about what you would expect in a Discount Mall.
Staff was friendly and eager.

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