Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Florida Mall Parking Tips

Park near Buca De Beppo restaurant, between Nordstorm and Macy's.  This gives you direct access to the nicer part of the mall. 

Enter through either department store of through the entrance between them.

An alternative, if you are into labels and can afford them, is to park by Saks Fifth Avenue.  There is always plenty of parking near Saks, and it is so much fun to see what is new and hot from purses to shoes to cosmetics.  Just walk on through and get the copies at the stores inside the mall.

Hidden treasures-  Clarks shoes and Banana Republic are near the Saks entrance to the mall.  Clarks has the comfy hiking type shoes that Europeans love, plus higher, sexier versions.  Banana Republic has great fitting, American-style (but not preppy) clothes for the young adult crowd as well as for in-shape boomers.  The quality is great for the price and there is always something for sale.

For cosmetics junkies-  there is a MAC store by the food court and a Sephora near the Macy's entrance to the mall.  Both will give you all the free advice you want.  At Sephora, they now give free samples of everything in little plastic containers.  Just ask.

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