Saturday, September 19, 2009

More REAL outlets- Vicky's and Chico's

If you are a Victoria's Secret fan, go to the big outlet in the Prime center.  A real outlet, you can find lingerie, yoga wear, VS cosmetics and toiletries and more.  It's like a big treasure hunt.  Today, the cosmetics were 75% off for LOTS of choices.  True to VS form, this is a service oriented outlet.  I had several women ask if they could help me...

Chico's is a favorite of working women with style. Check out the triple threat outlet, also at the Prime Outlet mall.  Chico's, according to the manager is NOT for young boys (as the name translates in Spanish) but for women.  The perfectly cut, adjustable strap (very unusual, almost like free alterations!), sexy but ok for business camisoles, will make your sweaters and jackets into outfits.  This outlet has three areas- Additions, Chico's outlet brand, plus real outlet product from the past month's catalog and Soma, the next big thing in lingerie (advertised on the Delilah show). 

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