Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mall of Milennia Parking tips

In a few words- don't park by Macy's.  Unless you are on a search and destroy mission; and it includes Macy's.

If the mall is packed,  park by Neiman Marcus.  You get a fun walk-thru and the lot is rarely full... Check out the men's jewelry to indulge your inner rock star.  Also, the women's cosmetics has rare and wonderful lines like Cle de Peau (Shiseido's upscale line) and Rock and Republic (the world's best blusher, no contest).  Plus there is always a new perfume to try, and a knowledgeable person to tell you about its top, middle and bottom notes.

If you are not in a rush, go upstairs and check out the little shops for china, crystal, silver, etc.  NM has wonderful and unique gifts, especially at the holidays.

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