Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fantasy Time at Mall of Milennia

Have you been a good girl lately?  Here's a quick but amazing birthday or holiday trip to Mall of Milennia that will fill your trunk with loot but cost less than a single Luis Vuitton bag.

Start at Tiffanys. Head to the back wall for a stunning pair of sunglasses. These big Rachel Zoe style shades are on billboards all over America; and they are more gorgeous in person if that's possible.

Next stop, Victoria's Secret.  Buy the newest featured bra and panties in a gorgeous but totally impractical color or print (leopard anyone?.) Feel glamorous and sexy. 

Then Brighton. Buy a great small bag for city travel, art shows or evening wear or a black or tortoise silver-trimmed hair bangle. Whatever catches your eye. Something for everyone and it's all pretty and reasonably priced. The customer service is great. Btw Brighton will send you a new purse if yours breaks, even years later.

Now for another highlight, an American fave and my new cheap chic obsession. Michael Kors. You must have the fabulous big gold watch featured in VOGUE and everywhere else. It comes in several sizes and styles, so you can pick the one that works best for you. Then, shoes. For about hundred dollars, you'll get a Jimmy Choo- like high. Take the stylists recommendation and be daring!

Note: Don't buy purses at MK. They are boring. You'll do better at Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus if you like names on your purses.

If you have time, also at Neiman Marcus, get a Trish McEvoy makeover. You'll look pretty, natural and ten years younger. Plus, you'll have a pretty makeup planner that holds the whole look to take home. Makeup planners make your life easy and your man happy, especially when space is at a premium like on a cruise.

If your date or sponsor is a good cook, humor him with a stop at Williams Sonoma to savor the seasonal offerings and buy him a spatula or something.  If he's not a cook, the espresso machines at Bloomies are a cool diversion.

Top off a great trip to Mall of Milennia with a Starbucks stop or maybe some Godiva or Lindt chocolate. Now that's a sweet day.

Get ready for your trip!

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