Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Florida Mall- or not?

Mall of Milennia is fun to visit, but the locals shop at Florida mall.

On the plus side,  the area's only Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores are in the Florida Mall.  Saks has mostly prestige goods- purses, shoes, expensive and top quality make-up (only source for Armani line, touted by Rachel Zoe recently) and exclusive fragrances.  Also great jewelry, most, but not all expensive.

The Nordstrom store (according to a manager there) carries mostly quality American labels that are popular with visitors from overseas. It is not a "designer" store, like some other Nordstrom's (e.g- Miami). These American labels are reliably good quality and style, but not that exciting.

There are some standout departments at Nordstrom that are fun to browse - unique, top quality, reasonably priced hair accessories (barrettes, clips, etc.), costume jewelry and shoes. Also an unusually large Bobbi Brown counter and perfume department.  These impulse-buy departments are close to the mall entrance and Nordstrom's coffee cafe, so you can browse with latte in hand.  Fun.

The area's largest Sephora and MAC cosmetics stores are in Florida mall, as well as a Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Banana Republic as well as other upscale mall standbys.

Note:  the best fashion department store is Bloomingdales in Mall of Milennia.  More on Bloomies soon.

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