Saturday, July 20, 2013

You, just happier and younger-looking!

Want to look ten years younger? 

With a few quick tips and tricks, it's easy to turn back the clock!  Introducing the newest member of our blog family- Look Younger Now .  You'll find the latest info and products that work for fresher skin and prettier makeup. 

Today's news is from Bobbi Brown's new counter at Macy's at the Mall of Milennia.  This is a full boutique within a store, one of only two in Florida, located right in the middle of the first floor. Park at either first floor entrance and it is straight ahead.  

So here's the deal. Bobbi Brown is all about natural but BETTER and younger.  Have a problem area or a question?  That's where the Bobbi Brown approach is great. They don't try to give you a full makeover with lots of eye makeup you won't wear... they solve those tricky issues like darkening and filling in your brows without looking like Joan Crawford.  Or covering blueish under-eye circles that concealer just turns gray...

Ask for Linda Carreiro when you visit the counter.  A makeup artist from South Florida, she'll show you how to get the looks you want!  Reach her at

Here are some of my fave Bobbi Brown ideas from Summer 2013-

Lipstick- Pick a lipstick that is your natural lip color but slightly darker.  This makes you look pretty and polished but still natural. LOOK at pictures of models and actresses, they rarely have bright colored lips. If you've seen the Katie Holmes ads for Bobbi Brown, that's the look she wears...

Blush- Here's where the color goes for a natural youthful look, not on the lips! The secret is the brush. Bobbi's blush brush is about $50.  Even if you don't buy it, ask to see how to use a blush brush correctly. It's not how you think!

Eyebrows- We all rely on pencil because it's easy. Well, it's not much harder to draw little strokes in the direction the brow hair grows.  The difference is....well, you'll see!

Cream Eye-Shadow and Eye-Liner- If you're an advanced beginner or a pro, try cream shadows and liner. They are easy to put on and they STAY ON all day in the Florida heat and humidity. And the moister look is more youthful!  I didn't believe it either, seems counter intuitive...  now I'm collecting pretty colors of eye shadow.  

For liner, all you need are the basics. Well-line eyes are important! They take the focus off of the little wrinkles, etc....  Black or brown to start. Add your navy or royal blue for a trendy, open-eyed look that is  sexy at night without looking like a club chick.

Don't MISS the newest member of our blog family- Look Younger Now

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