Friday, July 26, 2013

Stay Calm and Go to Nordstrom

Nordstrom- A Tranquil Island of Civility in Orlando

Locals were excited to hear that Nordstrom, the retailer famed world-wide for a unique brand of customer service, was coming to town.  Visit the Orlando outpost in the enormous, yet accessible Florida MallYou'll be glad you did!

Nordstrom's 5 Best Kept Secrets

At the inside mall entrance to Nordstrom, you'll find 5 ways to RELAX and enjoy yourself.

1. Ebar- A Latte in a Sunny Atrium  ***Local Secret***
Meet Ebar, a great little coffee shop by the entrance to the store. 
Enjoy handcrafted coffee beverages prepared by skilled baristas, house-made smoothies, 
pastries and a variety of grab-and-go sandwiches, salads and snacks that are made fresh daily.  
Coffee s better than Starbucks, staff is friendly and best of all, you can sit at one of the many little tables in the atrium outside the store and RELAX. Get off your feet and enjoy reviewing your purchases so far. ONLY locals know about this!!

 2. Great Shoe Department
Located right inside the store next to the coffee bar
HUGE with lots of comfy seats for your guy and your kids to rest or check their phones. Always lots of new styles, but NOT trashy or cheap versions. The real thing. And they're not worn from too many try-ons like they are in some stores that get too much traffic.

3. Love Fragrance? Get a Generous FREE spray samples.
Nordstrom makes a fresh FREE spray sample of any fragrance you'd like!  
On Ebay, you'd pay $5 for a generous sample like this, but at Nordstrom, you can be a diva and enjoy as many as you'd like...  Try brand new FLASH from Jimmy Choo or a newer classic like Chanel Chance. Check out these sexy fragrances that men love- Vince Camuto, Narcisco Rodriquez Eau de Parfum (pink bottle) and Dolce Gabbana THE ONE.

4. Little Boutique with fine chocolates
Go straight into the store. Behind the escalator on the right, you'll see a new little "boutique" within a store. It's charming and there is a fine chocolate case there as well. Lots of great take-home souvenirs to be found here, from picture frames to duvet covers... 

Definitely the nicest in this mall and very clean. There's one on the first floor BEHIND the boutique by the door and a much larger one upstairs. If you like a quiet spotless quiet restroom (who doesn't?), GO UPSTAIRS. 

Okay, back to the story....You'll love Nordstrom. 
It's uniquely American, yet has a European ambiance due the the service.  Nordstrom is a quieter style of shopping than Macys. 

Although the prices are similar to Macys, Nordstrom carries UNIQUE and SPECIAL items as well as all your favorite American Designers and cosmetics.  Good examples are UGGS for kids in the newly redesigned and adorable childrens department. And a whole department of women's hair accessories that you won't find anywhere else.

Nordstrom buys it's merchandise by the store. So this store has a focus on top quality American designers like Mark Jacobs and Michael Kors for it's visitors from around the world.

 Did I mention SERVICE?   The staff is very helpful, yet not overbearing in any way like some boutiques. It is also ridiculously easy to return things to Nordstrom, they are famous for a "no questions asked" policy that has not time limits. Amazing.
In Orlando, Nordstrom is the place to go when you have a wardrobe challenge and limited time. The staff knows their merchandise which is unusual in Orlando's huge department stores due to the fast movement of inventory. At Nordstrom, it's part of the job!  

If you want full-scale styling, they'll bring you things from other parts of the store. Do you need a dress for a daytime wedding, plus a belt shoes to match?  Or a tank top to go with your new mini skirt? 

Park in between Macys and Nordstrom on the back side of the mall. 
You'll see Macys on the left and Nordstrom on your right. If you you park near Sears or Penney's or the Food Court which are the first things you see when you drive into the mall lots,  you could literally walk a mile back to the car with bags and a coffee in hand... Trust me, you'll be really sorry!

Say NO to Macys in the Florida mall!  
The store's a MESS and service is poor. Go to the larger Macys at Mall of Milennia, which has better management and a whole additional floors of childrens wear and home, plus the largest luggage department in town. It's worth a trip just for Michael Kors and Juniors. Plus Mall of Milennia has all the upscale brands, like Tiffany and GUCCI and Neiman Marcus.

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