Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fastest Way to GLOW BRONZE. And it Lasts!


Victoria's Secret  
Instant Bronzing Tanning Spray

Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Self Tanning Spray
Price: $15.00  ***cheap thrill***

Great for a natural- looking glow or a day at the beach

New self-tanner technology makes the at-home spray tan a reality.  Bronzes and tans in one easy (yes, really!) step. And no orange hues here, you get a gorgeous real tan brown.

Wrap your legs in a natural coat of TAN for summer's shorter skirts and shorts.
Finally, you can wrap your body from head to toe in sexy, airbrushed perfection without the risks of a real tan or the salon price. Beach Sexy Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray with natural aloe leaves skin kissed with golden color for a flawless look.

Bronze tint helps blur the look of imperfections, like uneven skin tone or texture. Add a second coat to areas that you want to slim, like sides of thighs or hips.

Continuous spray makes for easy, streak-free application. Put a dark towel under your feet to keep spray off of the floor.

To use the spray for your face, just spray into hands and apply like a foundation. Don't apply to eyelids.  Use a damp cloth to remove from eyebrow area and nose (which tends to tan too dark for some reason).

For most natural results:
  • Wipe off heels, sides of toes and feet and knees with damp washcloth after applying. 
  • For arms, don't spray where sun wouldn't hit (insides of elbows and underside of triceps)
  • WASH Hands completely with soap, not just the palms. Take special care to use soap between your fingers! DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
Where can i get this?

Victoria's Secret
  • Mall of Milennia
  • Florida Mall 
  • Fashion Square Mall
  • Altamonte Springs Mall
  • Seminole Town Center (Sanford)
Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing and Self Tanning Spray

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