Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mall of Milennia jewelry sales- GO NOW

Next to the upstairs food court at Mall of Milennia, you'll find three types of jewelry-  young trendy jewelry at Forever 21 (no sale needed, it is crazy inexpensive, some items look like they cost hundreds!), upscale watches and designer lines at going out of business Park Promenade (20 to 50% off now, will keep going down, but so will selection) and 80% off on good copies of In Style magazine favorites at Landau.

For example, I bought 4 items at Landau.  $10 for 1" David Yurman-copy hoops (too cute and too real-looking to believe) for everyday, 10$ for gorgeous waterfall earrings (what the stylists say we should wear instead of tiny studs that no one sees) and $20 each for two EXCELLENT copies of 24" necklaces- one Heidi Klum's expensive (18K) line and one a dead ringer for a $2000 14k necklace.  Landau has upgraded their line from the original fake studs and pearls.

If you are a Yurman fan- rush in to see the cuff bracelets that are on sale.  Dead ringers.

Landau excels at the almost forgotten art of customer service.  All 4 of my finds were brought to me by the very nice woman who helped me.  An English woman in the store looking for jewelry to match a special occasion dress was equally pleased and bought beautiful pieces that would have cost thousands in their original incarnation.

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