Friday, October 16, 2009

Downtown Disney Update

Don't miss Raglan Road,the Irish Pub in the middle of Downtown Disney (in what used to be Pleasure Island)!  A huge authentic pub, there is great entertainment, food and beer on tap. 

In addition to live music, there is a featured Riverdancer, who pops up every so often to dance.  It's all good.  For smokers, there is a huge patio with its own bar. 

In Dowtown Disney, the best mixed drinks are at Wolfgang Puck's. The bartenders are real bartenders, who can make any drink you like, plus a bunch of great menu choices.  They fill the glasses all the way up and are friendly too.  They'll recommend the snack rolls as appetizers for good reason- the flaky dough and yummy plum sauce are a fine accompaniment to your drink.  Rainbow rolls (sushi) are great too.

Last but not least, stop into Magnetz.  There's something in this shop for every child and the inner child in every adult here.  Lots of cool stuff.  A fun place to pick up a UNIQUE souvenir for a few dollars.

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