Saturday, October 3, 2009


Met some nice folks from Great Britain at Mall of Milennia today. They said that they didn't like Florida Mall... They didn't even realize that there is a NICE part to the mall, they missed it...

Florida Mall has 350+ stores; and half of them are downscale- not bad, just boring.  If you are looking for nice quality and a great shopping experience, you need to be in the NEWER part of the mall.

Park by Macy's or Nordstrom or the M&M store.  Or Dillard's.  Then you will be near the new wing.  In the new part, you'll find these great stores and fun finds:
  • M&M Store- huge and fun.
  • Adrenalina-  great surf shop with indoor surf tank, fun to watch!
  • Saks Fifth Avenue- can't be beat for gifts, makeup, perfume, designer purses, good quality costume jewelry,  men's designer ties, overall a nice experience with great customer service.
  • Nordstrom- more great service, wonderful womens accessories, samples of any perfume in little bottle, nice coffee stop/shop, big MAC and Bobbie Brown cosmetics counters, cute and surprisingly reasonable kids clothes. 
  • Sephora-  great makeup store with lots of top brand make-up and perfume.  Also mens cologne.  DON'T MISS.  Locals travel far to shop at Sephora. Makeovers and advice are free and helpful.
  • Abercrombie and Fitch-  where saleskids are called "models" for a reason. Cute, preppy, all-American clothes that last FOREVER.  Pricey, but the quality is really good.  If you have multiple kids, buy for the oldest and they will all want to wear them.  We give them to cousins after that and they still look new!  NOTE: F. Mall has two Abercrombie stores- one for kids and one for adults.
  • Banana Republic- if you have to dress decent for work and are between 28-59, go to BR.  Great quality, current styles, help is well-trained and friendly. Some are so good, they act as stylists, giving great advice as you try things on, but never obtrusively or without invitation.  This is the only store credit card I have, it's that good.  

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