Friday, August 12, 2011

Be Cool at Mall of Milennia

For a nice afternoon that costs you nothing unless you succumb to wiles of the retail genie, hit the gorgeous Mall of Milennia.

Park at Neiman Marcus.

Walk through the ground floor, admiring the men's and women's jewelry and then the cosmetics, shoes and fragrances. It's a short but enjoyable walk through to the mall.

If you love art and beautiful things or need to hit the restroom, take the escalator upstairs at Neiman's. The restrooms are in the back on the left, the "gallery" is on your immediate right.  The collections change seasonally, but always lots of beautiful things to inspire creativity and desire.

Once you get to the mall, head left for Bloomingdales. On the way, there are lots of nice stops, including a Pottery Barn Home store.

New at Bloomingdales, on the ground floor past cosmetics, is a Nespresso gallery. Here, handsome men will demonstrate how the machines work, making real drinks that taste like Italy. It's the best free show around.

This store has good service in all departments. Need free styling advice for an event or an interview? Want to try the latest perfumes? Just ask.

Head back to the center of the mall by leaving the second floor of Bloomingdales.  You'll pass lots of upscale labels.  Some local faves are Tiffany and Gucci. New arrivals are Juicy Couture and Michael Kors. Don't be unnerved by the security guards, just act like you belong there.

The food court is in the center of the mall on the second floor PAST where you entered through Neiman Marcus. There's a Starbucks upstairs and one downstairs.  If the lines are too long at Starbucks, head to the back of the food court for Panera Bread, where you can get very good coffee with a bagel or pastry. Note: the restrooms in the food court are extensive and clean.

The other half of the mall, while very nice, is not as upscale or entertaining.  If you need something in particular, there are lots of everyday stores that may have it- Ann Taylor, Bath and Body Works, Kenneth Cole, (a huge 3-story) Macy's, etc.  There's an Urban Outfitters and an enormous Forever 21 across from the food court.


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