Sunday, August 28, 2011


Looking for a stress-free, low cost wonderful afternoon near Disney?  Celebration fits the bill.

Celebration is Disney's charming anywhere USA town that was built from the ground up in the mid-80's.  People came from all over the country to be in a lottery just for the chance to purchase a home in the town. The idea (a dream of Walt's) was that this would be a place where children could ride their bikes safely, a bit of a utopia.  Disney is no longer involved but Celebration thrives as a gorgeous town with a lovely lake-front city center and golf course. It's quite large with its own high school.

For children, there is a wonderful outdoor fountain to play in (like the one at the Marketplace but smaller), a lakefront walk (great for strollers), good casual restaurants with outdoor seating and a fun bakery. You can grab a latte at Starbucks or relax on their outdoor patio before you stroll the shops on the main street.

There is a large Columbia restaurant in Celebration.  A very popular standby based in Ybor city in Tampa, you can enjoy a leisurely Spanish-Cuban meal here... It's fun and different, kid friendly.  Great for large groups.

Celebration dresses up for the holidays and has "snow" once a week. It's a kind of soap bubble concoction that comes down on cue to absolutely enchant the kids.  Drive around and look at the lights in the neighborhoods... it's magical!

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