Monday, January 4, 2010

Mall of Milennia tips

Here are some tips to save time and have more fun at Mall of Milennia. It's a great place to shop!  Don't miss it.
Park in front of Neiman Marcus, as close to the center entrance of the mall as you can get.  That is on the right side of the Neiman lot, when you are facing the mall.  Walk thru Neiman's when they are open. Enjoy the nice jewelry, try some perfume or get makeup samples from Chanel and YSL. If the store closes or you go to one of the restaurants in the center, your car will be right there, accessible from the center mall entrance.
In the back by the food court is another good centrally-locates spot.  Since there is no direct store access there, you can usually find a space close-up.  On the way in or out, you can grab a beverage at Panera or Starbucks.  The kids can eat their fill of free chicken and cookie samples, maybe even sample ice cream or a smoothie.  At Lindt chocolate, they will often give you a free truffle as well.
If Macy's is your sole destination, park in the BACK.  Everyone else parks in the front.

Food court bathrooms are the best- upstairs right in the center of the mall- huge and clean.  Big counters for grooming and a place to change the baby. Finally good mall planning!  If you are too tired to go upstairs (it happens!), go into one of the restaurants.  They always let you use the restrooms.
If you have a little one, in the back of the food court, Panera has a single bathroom with a quiet baby-changing table. Panera also has free ice water cups and nice clear cold water for the little ones.
If you are in Bloomingdales, there is a nice restroom on the first floor in the mens' department.

When the lines at both Starbucks are ridiculous, go to Panera in the back of the food court. They have lattes and all that, but the best bet is to get a dark roast for less than 2 dollars put in some half and half so you don't miss any quality shopping time waiting around for a drink...

Makeup Counters

Overall, the makeup artists at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales are better than at Macys.  They are actually makeup artists and they have a lot more time to spend with you...  Ask to try the limited edition fragrances, which debut at these stores before they are widely available. ALSO, Chanel has foundation samples now, so take a few home to try before you buy. Will save you lots of money!

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