Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Desperately seeking caffeine

Craving a Grande pumpkin spice latte?  Or a Vente caramel macchiato?

Head for one of the 2 Starbucks outposts  in the center of the Mall at Milennia. You'll find one upstairs by the food court and one downstairs by the front entrance across from the Cheesecake Factory restaurant.

Don't forget, you can get hot and iced tea at Starbucks too.  Homemade chocolate milk is a great choice for children, too, in a sturdy plastic cup with a straw.

If you want a bagel or a pastry with your coffee, head for local fave Panera Bread at the back  of the food court by the doors.

Coffee news:
There is a NEW latte stop inside Bloomingdales, by the makeup counters, where the Dylan's candy store used to be.  They also serve  gelato and other snacks.

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