Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mall of Milennia

For visitors, a top shopping destination is the Mall at Milennia, Orlando's most upscale mall. Here, you'll find the only Bloomindale's and Neiman Marcus stores in the area, plus the upscale tony retailers including Tiffany's, Gucci, etc.  If you need to stock up from standbys like Victoria's Secret or Williams Sonoma, you will find them there as well, plus a huge Macy's.

Some new finds include the Rock and Republic cosmetics in the front of the Neiman Marcus store on the mall side. Try the amazing sheer blush in colors that don't look wearable but are.  At Neiman's, they still believe in service; and it shows.  You will love shopping there, and you can still find bargains.  Even if it's not on sale, it's usually worth it at Neiman's...

Bloomingdales carries hard to find YSL cosmetics. YSL Is the main reason why French women look better than we do...  Look for the "promotional" bronzer, featured in a lot of magazines this summer.  It's large enough to use for face and body; and it delivers a real-looking glow (no sparkles).  Use the application tips that were in Allure from Mally- put blush all around the edges of your face and on your neck.  Then use a true hot pink blush (not a whitish or dusty one!), like the one from Rock and Republic, high on your cheekbones after the bronzer to fake a day in the sun (technique compliments of Bobby Brown).

Bloomingdale's also has great costume jewelry clearance tables, located on the way in from the lower parking lot.  Don't miss them.

If you're hungry at the Mall at Milennia, you can stop in at local favorite Brio, for a refreshing Chardonnay and some bistro-style Italian food. It is a pretty and can be quite romantic in the afternoon... There's also a Cheesecake factory, great if you have a big group.


Valerie Bryce Kay said...

If there are long waits at the Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs, try the lesser known McCormick and Schmick's, right between the other two. It's less well known but good. M & S is a Northeastern seafood chain whose web site states:
: The McCormick & Schmick’s mission is for each restaurant to strive to become the best seafood or grill concept restaurant in its market niche.

Valerie Bryce Kay said...

If you are in a hurry, there is a Panera Bread in the back of the food court. Coffee without the long lines at Starbucks....

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